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Ep 91: Gen Zs

More than half of young adults say they are already saving to buy a home, and 59% of them are planning on doing so within the next 5 years. Are you ready to offer your services to this new emerging market? Listen to Episode 91.

Ep 90: New Marketing Laws LIVE from REignite

This week we take a look at the new marketing laws going into effect Nov 1. We go through real life scenarios and marketing examples of what will be allowed in the new law and what will get you in hot water. This episode was recorded LIVE as part of a class for CE credit at the REignite Conference. Listen to Episode 90.

Ep 89: PREignite

Lets get ready to PREignite! A look into OAR’s annual conference on the eve of the conference. We walk through the schedule of events. Listen to Episode 89.

Ep 88: REALTOR® Safety

September is REALTOR® Safety month. This week we break down NAR’s 2019 Member Safety Report to help you stay aware and protected! Listen to Episode 88.

Ep 87: NAR Good Neighbor Award w/ Kristy Payne

Kristy Payne, NAR’s Good Neighbor Award finalist and a REALTOR® in Edmond joins us this week. We talk about her work with the Fostering Sweet Dreams organization, which made her a finalist amongst they many that apply for this honor. Listen to Episode 87.

Ep 86: The Evolving Communication Landscape: Live from Tulsa w/ Will & Josh

We were invited to Tulsa for their REALTOR® Appreciation Day to do a Talking Real LIVE! Will Gattenby and Josh Cockroft join Nabeel onstage to talk about the ever-changing landscape of communication and how you can evolve your strategy to stay relevant. Listen to Episode 86.

Ep 85: New FHA Rules for Condos

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has some new rules when it comes to getting FHA backed mortgages for condos! These rules go into effect October 15th. Do you know how this will impact your clients? Plus, an Oklahoman, Kristy Payne is a finalist for the national Good Neighbor Award! Listen to Episode 85.

Ep 84: The End of Appraisals?

Federal regulators are making drastic changes to the value of mortgages that require appraisals. Do you know if this this will impact your clients? Listen up! Listen to Episode 84.


Last week was text messages. This week – Email. Do you know about CAN-SPAM? Find out more with Geoff and Nabeel on this episode. Listen to Episode 83.

Ep 82: Text with Care

Text messages might be the fastest (and most effective) way to reach your clients but it does require some care. We go through what you should keep in mind with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act to avoid getting into hot water and some text messaging best practices. Listen to Episode 82.

Ep 81: All About The Association

The membership has an important decision to make for the future of the association. We highlight what those changes are, how you can make your voice heard and some good association knowledge! Listen to Episode 81.

Ep 80: Your Superhero AE w/ Jessica Hickok

Broadcasting from Shawnee, we are joined by OAR CEO Jessica Hickok. We talk about the incredible amount of knowledge that was exchanged at the AE Retreat, a potential trendsetting MLS move, the upcoming membership meeting on August 19th, and much more. Listen to Episode 80.

Ep 79: Contract OAQs

Contracts always spark a number of questions. We talk about four questions that have popped up occasionally on the OAR Legal Line (okrealtors.com/legal). Listen to Episode 79.

Ep 78: Short & Sweet

Just like the title suggests – a few quick updates and cool new feature available for you in RPR. Oh, and a winner of a free night hotel stay at the REignite conference in October. Listen to Episode 78.

Ep 77: SB 961 – Home Buyer Savings Accounts w/ Josh Cockroft

The biggest hurdle for first time home buyers is affordability. Josh Cockroft joins us to talk about how it will become just a little bit easier for those first time homeowners in 2020 with new home buyer savings accounts. Listen to Episode 77.

Ep 76: CEO Takeover

An episode of surprises. Listen to find out what happens. Listen to Episode 76.

Ep 75: NAR REach & BoxBrownie.com

Have you heard of NAR’s REeach program? It’s an accelerator for companies that impact the Real Estate industry (and beyond). We talk about that and a great company that came out of it – BoxBrownie.com.. Listen to Episode 75.

Ep 74: All About RPR w/ Veronica McManus

REALTORS® Property Resources’s (RPR) Industry Relations Director, Veronica McManus joins us all the way from Massachusetts. With over a BILLION data points, RPR provides a value to our members that is unparalleled. Listen to how you can put RPR’s data to work for you. Listen to Episode 74.

Ep 73: OREC Rules Update

OREC has some new rules that go into effect November 1, 2019 and they will impact the way you do business. We go through what those changes will be so that you can be prepared! Listen to Episode 73.

RFR w/ Jessica Beck

Jessica Beck’s fun and informative Rapid Fire Randomness (RFR). Listen now.

Ep 72: NAR 30 Under 30 w/ Anya Mashaney

Another REALTOR® from Oklahoma (specifically Oklahoma City) just won NAR’s 30 under 30 award. Maybe you know her? Anya Mashaney joins us again on the podcast – this time to talk about her experience of winning NAR’s 30 under 30. Listen to Episode 72.

Ep 71: SB 915 – Remote Online Notary w/ Josh Cockroft

Josh Cockroft joins us again for a deep dive into another piece of legislation that was important to REALTORS®. Learn more about the future of notarization with SB 915 – the Remote Online Notary bill that was signed into law by Governor Stitt. Listen to Episode 71.

Ep 70: Lobbying Congress

Thousands of REALTORS® traveled to Washington, D.C. this past week for NAR’s Legislative Conference where they got a chance to visit with their congressional delegation. This week we bring you what we, as REALTORS® care about – and are fighting for on the federal level. Listen to Episode 70.

Ep 69: Medical Marijuana

SQ 788 passed and the legislature has enacted some new regulations. Medical Marijuana is here to stay but what does that mean for residential and commercial real estate? Listen to Episode 69.

RFR w/ Holli Woodward

Some great laughs and insights with Holli during our customary Rapid Fire Randomness (RFR). Listen now.

Ep 68: SB 104 – Marketing Clarifications w/ Josh Cockroft

Josh Cockroft joins us for a deeper dive into SB 104. The Marketing Clarification bill that was signed into law by Governor Stitt will go into effect November 1st. Learn about what changes are coming and how this might impact your business! Listen to Episode 68.

Ep 67: The Episode of Lists

An episode full of lists. Top 5 things to do to get your day started off right, things that help a home sell faster, things to do to make sure people can find you and more. Listen to Episode 67.

Ep 66: REALTOR® Story Time (Chapter 2)

A special episode featuring 3 Realtors and their true stories. First a quick legislative update with Josh Cockroft and then Anya Mashaney, Claudette Thornton and Becky Karpe tell their stories – A perfect balance of humor, horror, entertainment and education. Enjoy. Listen to Episode 66.

Ep 65: Presidential Series: NW Oklahoma w/ Gwinn Wilson

Another installment of the Presidential Series with another special guest, Gwinn Wilson, 2019 Northwest Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® President. She joins us to talk about all things that are happening in her area and some great things NWOAR has been able to do with their placemaking grants and their foundation! Listen to Episode 65.

Ep 64: The Value of CRS w/ Holli Woodward

Holli Woodward joins us this week to talk about how obtaining the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designation impacted her career and why she has decided to run for the Residential Real Estate Council’s Fist Vice President. She talks about her passion and her motivation for real estate. Listen to Episode 64.

RFR w/ Becky Karpe

Some great laughs and insights with Becky during our customary Rapid Fire Randomness (RFR). Listen now.

Ep 63: Presidential Series: OKC w/ Becky Karpe

OMG Becky you have to listen to this episode! The Presidential Series continues with another special guest, Becky Karpe, 2019 Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® President. She joins us to talk about all things that are happening in her area and some exciting things that she has planned for this year. Listen to Episode 63.

Ep 62: What’s APP’ening? (LIVE)

Another FB Live episode. We talk about some events coming up in the next couple of months and some important updates. Then our favorite topic – Apps. The best apps for real estate. Listen to Episode 62.

Ep 61: Disruption Part 2 – FSBO

For Sale By Owners (FSBOs). What does that mean to REALTORS®? We talk about the potential of disruption by FBSOs and how you can best prepare to fight it. Josh Cockroft also joins us for a legislative update and the status of bills we are tracking down at the Capitol. Listen to Episode 61.

Ep 60: Presidential Series: Ada w/ Jessica Beck

The Presidential Series continues with another special guest, Jessica Beck, 2019 Ada Board of REALTORS® President. She joins us to talk about all things that are happening in her area and some exciting things that she has planned for her association. Listen to Episode 60.

Ep 59: LeadershipOAR w/ Claudette Thronton

Claudette Thronton joins us and we talk about Oklahoma REALTORS® Leadership Academy – LeadershipOAR. Josh Cockroft also gives a quick legislative update right before 2019 Capitol Conference. Listen to Episode 59.

Ep 58: Disruption Part 1 – Zillow

Disruption. What does that mean to REALTORS®? We talk about how Zillow is disrupting the landscape of real estate with their new 3 to 5 year plan. First, Josh Cockroft joins us for a legislative update and the status of bills we are tracking down at the Capitol. Listen to Episode 58.

Ep 57: Hitting Your (Trade)mark on Social Media

First, Josh Cockroft joins us for a legislative update and the status of bills we are tracking down at the Capitol. We then talk about the appropriate uses of the REALTOR® trademark on social media. Are you using the trademark correctly? Listen to Episode 57.

Ep 56: Trends That Shaped 2018 w/ Anya Mashaney

Anya Mashaney joins us this week to talk about the trends that shaped the industry in 2018. From town homes, to buyer profiles, to patios and amenities. We cover it all. Listen to Episode 56.

RFR w/ Josh Cockroft

Rapid Fire Randomness (RFR) never disappoints – some great laughs and insights with Josh during our customary RFR. Listen now.

Ep 55: Legislation 101 w/ Josh Cockroft

We are joined in the studio with OAR’s Senior Director of Government Affairs, Josh Cockroft. Josh’s gives us a great rundown of the recent Bill Reading day and what we can expect from the 2019 legislative session. We also touch on 3 important pieces of legislation that we have requested this year. Listen to Episode 55.

Ep 54: Presidential Series: Oklahoma w/ Lisa Weaver

The Presidential Series continues with a very special guest Lisa Weaver, 2019 OAR President. She joins us to talk about all things state. Her journey in NAR’s Leadership Academy and a look ahead at the exciting things planned for the state association in 2019. Listen to Episode 54.

Ep 53: OREC Contract Updates & Best of 2018 Smart Home Devices

The first LIVE episode for 2019! We cover the recent contract form updates from the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (some important information about Earnest Money in there) and then go over the best and most desired smart home devices from 2018. Listen to Episode 53.

Ep 52: Presidential Series: Edmond w/ Patrick Arie

The first installment of the Talking Real Presidential Series. Patrick Arie, 2019 president of the Edmond Board of REALTORS® joins us to talk about things happening in Edmond, and what is planned for the upcoming year. Listen to Episode 52.

Ep 51: Resolutions & Goal Setting

2019 is well on its way. What resolutions and goals do you have for this year? We’re here to help you keep your resolutions, set SMART goals and develop good habits this year. Listen to Episode 51.

Ep 50: Celebrating 50 Episodes

A look back at the 50 episode in 2018. We take memorable clips from past episodes and look ahead to 2019. Happy New Year! Listen to Episode 50.

Ep 49: Battle of Facts: Christmas Edition

A 2018 recap, top takeaways, favorite episodes and a Christmas edition of Battle of Facts! A must listen. Listen to Episode 49.

Ep 48: Live Productively

12 categories of productivity tools/apps that will jump start your 2019. These apps will help increase your time efficiency, productivity and time management. Listen to Episode 48.

Ep 47: REALTOR® Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for gifts. What are you going to buy that special REALTOR® in your life? Listen to this week’s episode for some great ideas and get those gifting muscles warmed up! Listen to Episode 47.

Ep 46: Building Client Value w/ Jilian Garnder

This week we talk about building client value with Edmond REALTOR® Jilian Gardner. She shares a some of her secrets and the importance of providing value with everything that you do. We chat a little about the impact association involvement has had on her business and end with our traditional, always entertaining, Rapid Fire Randomness. Listen to Episode 46.

Ep 45: Healthy for the Holidays w/ Luke Tirey

Luke Tirey, Physical Culturist and Owner of Green Strength joins us this week for a discussion on health and well being. He offers some great practical advice for staying healthy during the holidays and beyond. The road to wellness doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. Listen to Episode 45.

Ep 44: The Turkey Episode

This week’s episode is all about Thanksgiving! Some special thanksgiving wishes and a special edition of Battle of Facts – who will win? Geoff or Nabeel? Listen to find out. Listen to Episode 44.

Ep 43: Election Recap & News You Can Use (LIVE)

We breakdown the recent election and get into key takeaways and some interesting statistics that made this election historic. Then on to a new segment – News you can use! A quick synopsis of some recent news that impacts the real estate industry. Listen to Episode 43.

Ep 42: NAR Annual w/ Stephanie & Robin

Stephanie Carter & Robin Johnson join us this week from Boston where we were attending the National Association of REALTORS® Annual Conference. Stephanie is the Association Executive (AE) of the Edmond Board of REALTORS® and Robin is the AE of the Norman Board of REALTORS®. We talk abut some key takeaways and what they found most useful at the conference this year. Listen to Episode 42.

Ep 41: Smart Homes & Myths (LIVE)

A special Halloween Facebook Live episode. We talk about Myths surrounding the home buying process and things that keep buyers from potentially entering the market. Also, some smart home tech that works well without a subscription. Plus a special battle of facts edition for Halloween! Listen to Episode 41.

Ep 40: REALTOR® Story Time (Chapter 1)

A very special episode featuring 4 Realtors and their true stories. Audra Montgomery, Margaret Barton, Jillian Gardner and Brian Preston tell their stories – A perfect balance of humor, horror, entertainment and education. Enjoy. Listen to Episode 40.

Ep 39: Community Engagement & Grassroots w/ Andrew Sims

Andrew Sims, CEO of the Dayton Area Board of REALTORS® joins us this week to talk about community engagement and the importance of being involved at the grassroots level in our communities. Listen to Episode 39.

Ep 38: Importance of Pricing w/ Brian Preston

Brian Preston joins us in the studio this week. Brian is a REALTOR® in Edmond, and is famous for his analytical report – The Preston Report – that he releases. Brian talks about the importance of pricing and how sometimes you can get a lot less while trying to make a little more. He also talks about what he considers and how he advises clients while pricing their houses. Listen to Episode 38.

Ep 37: Lessons, Successes & Tips w/ Audra Montgomery

Audra Montgomery joins us in the studio this week. Audra is a REALTOR® in Edmond, a member of the class of 2018 in OAR’s Leadership Academy, a 2018 Community Rockstar, and someone who goes above and beyond in helping others, whether it be to find their next home or to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Audra shares her journey as a Realtor and some lessons she has learned along the way. Listen to Episode 37.

Ep 36: Keep Calm & Protect Yourself w/ Jenn Cassetta

Jennifer Cassetta, self defense expert and third degree black belt in Hapkido joins us this week to wrap up REALTOR® Safety Month. We talk about how everyone can better protect themselves – The ABC’s of self defense and the first step is Awareness. Listen to Episode 36.

Ep 35: The REALTOR® Survival Kit

Another special LIVE episode! We share advice from our listeners about the importance of being prepared in different situations, from listing appointments to what happens when you are caught in an uncomfortable situation. Always have a plan and be prepared! Listen to Episode 35.

Ep 34: Investigations & Complaints, oh my!

Sherry Kueffler, chief investigator at the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission joins us this week to talk about the investigations process. We talk about what happens when a complaint is filed against you and why your first reaction should not be one of panic! Listen to Episode 34.

Ep 33: Run-Offs & REALTOR® Safety

September is REALTOR® Safety Month! This month we cover every aspect of your safety, from personal and physical to business and financial safety. We touch upon the topic of gun safety and concealed carry, recap the big election night in Oklahoma (run-offs) and end the episode with a great cautionary tale of an investigation that Geoff and Sherry were involved in. Listen to Episode 33.

Ep 32: Wire Fraud: Identify & Prevent

Recent news and new information make us revisit the topic of Wire Fraud and Ransomware. We share some cautionary tales and talk about ways you can identify wire fraud and how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim. Listen to Episode 32.

Ep 31: Elevate Your Style with Home Staging w/ Nicole Glenn

Nicole Glenn owner of Green Door Staging joins us this week to talk about Home Staging. She gives some great tips and insights in how staging helps everyone involved, buyers, sellers and Realtors! Some great takeaways on what you can look out for and tips for the DIYers! Listen to Episode 31.

Ep 30: The Economy of Real Estate w/ Dr. Ted Jones

Dr. Ted Jones, Chief Economist – Senior VP at Stewart Title joins us this week to talk about the housing market and economy. He also gives us an insight into the trends that he sees shaping our industry in the future. Listen to Episode 30.

Ep 29: So the Inspection Didn’t Go Well…Now What? (LIVE)

A special LIVE episode! We cover what happens when an inspection doesn’t go to plan and what options the buyer (and seller) have, TRRs and numerous scenarios that might present themselves during this process. We also take questions live on air from our Facebook audience. Listen to Episode 29.

Ep 28: A Paperless Office

Going paperless. We walk through the steps you need to take in order to transition to a paperless office – from the mindset to the software and hardware required for this transition. Listen to Episode 28.

Ep 27: Investment Properties & Management w/ Paul Dizmang

We identify red flags in websites that might mean its time for an update and talk about the latest website trends and tips to get you the most out of your site. Is your website outdated? Listen to Episode 27.

Ep 26: Is Your Website Outdated?

We identify red flags in websites that might mean its time for an update and talk about the latest website trends and tips to get you the most out of your site. Is your website outdated? Listen to Episode 26.

Ep 25: Commercial Real Estate w/ Brad Waken

Brad Waken, chair of the Commercial Committee joins us this week to talk about Commercial Real Estate. We get some updates on what the committee has planned, learn about Brad’s journey as a Commercial Realtor and discuss what separates commercial and residential real estate. Listen to Episode 25.

Ep 24: Service & Emotional Support Animals

We take a look at the laws surrounding service animals, emotional support animals and a new statute that will go into effect on Nov 1 which will provide some protection for landlords. Service animals are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) while, Emotional Support Animals are protected by the Fair Housing Act. Listen to Episode 24.

Ep 23: 6 Marketing Trends for 2018

We look at 6 Marketing Trends that are emerging in 2018 and how you can capitalize on those to elevate your marketing efforts. This is also the last week to submit nominations/applications for numerous awards – deadline is July 2. Listen to Episode 23.

Ep 22: Lead Generation

We take a look at a recent lawsuit alleging fraudulent leads at Realtor.com and some important things to keep in mind when signing up with a company that promises great leads. Plus a funny story about house plants. Listen to Episode 22.

Ep 21: Legislative Recap w/ Andrea Frymire Part 2

We continue our conversation with Government Affairs chair, Andrea Frymire in this special 2 part legislative recap. We finish talking about important bills we saw in 2018 and move to looking into 2019 and what we can expect out of next year’s session. We then talk a little about the low income housing industry, opportunity zones and eviction rates in Oklahoma. Listen to Episode 21.

Ep 20: Legislative Recap w/ Andrea Frymire Part 1

Andrea Frymire joins us once again. This is part 1 of a special 2 part conversation with OAR’s Government Affairs Chair. We recap the legislative session, important things that happened and chat about the legislation that we both, supported and opposed for our members. Listen to Episode 20.

Ep 19: Midyear Conference Recap w/ Jessica Hickok

We are joined for a recap of NAR’s Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo that took place in Washington D.C. (better known as Midyear Conference) with Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® C.E.O. Jessica Hickok. We get a great look into the working of the association as well as some of the big changes that are coming up on the horizon for REALTORS®. Listen to Episode 19.

Ep 18: Primaries & D.C. Snapshot

Geoff gives us a quick snapshot of some key things that he learned about in Washington D.C. We then talk about the Primary Elections coming up on June 26 and what we can expect to see on the ballot. Plus, some great listener feedback. Listen to Episode 18.

Ep 17: Escalation Clauses & Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Talking about Escalation Clauses in contracts. These clauses are spurred by competition and a hot market. Be prepared when dealing with an escalation clause – things to do & things to keep in mind. Also, learn about some common pitfalls during a closing and what you can do to avoid them. Listen to Episode 17.

Ep 16: Opioids & Tracking Mileage

There is an opioid epidemic sweeping the nation. What are REALTORS® and real estate agents doing to help in the fight against it? Also, do you track your miles for tax deductions? Learn about an easy to use app, MileIQ, that helps tracking miles as easy as swiping left or right on your phone and the benefits it can have come tax time. Listen to Episode 16.

Ep 15: Contingencies & The American Dream

Take a closer look at contract contingencies – what they mean and what kind of impact they can have on a transaction and earnest money. We also celebrate Nabeel’s citizenship and talk about that journey of becoming an American citizen. Listen to Episode 15.

Ep 14: Recording During Showings & Online Safety

A look into the murky topic of audio and video recordings during a showing or open house. What is legal and what isn’t? We then do a quick follow up on the best practices of online safety and simple steps you can take that increase your safety exponentially. Listen to Episode 14.

Ep 13: OHF & Facebook Hearing Takeaways + Fair Housing

Melissa gives us an update of whats going on at the Oklahoma Housing Foundation (OHF). A recap of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook hearing and key takeaways from that. Plus, the troubles with fair housing compliance and Facebook advertising. Listen to Episode 13.

Ep 12: Facebook Under Fire & Digital Marketing

A lot of our information we share on social media is used to target and market to us. This episode we take a look at the latest the latest issues troubling Facebook with regards to user data, Cambridge Analytica and fair housing. We also explore how marketers track our online activity to deliver extremely targeted ads. Listen to Episode 12.

Ep 11: Teacher Walkout with Chelsea Herndon

We talk with high school teacher Chelsea Herndon, who teaches Biology at Putnam City High School. She helps shed some light on the historic teacher walkout in Oklahoma, why it is important and what it represents for teachers and the education system in Oklahoma. Listen to Episode 11.

Ep 10: Disruption & The Real Estate Industry

Disruption. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Machine Learning. All these buzzwords are surrounding everything that we do these days. We take a look at these, what they mean, how they’ve impacted our lives so far, what we need to look for in terms of disruption in the Real Estate Industry and what we can do to be ready for it. Listen to Episode 10.

Ep 9: 30 Under 30 with Jessica Thompson

We talk to Jessica Thompson, 2017 Winner of the National Association of REALTORS® 30 Under 30 award. We talk about her, the road to winning this prestigious award, her focus on community and its betterment and what young Realtors should do to follow in her footsteps. Listen to Episode 9.

Ep 8: Legislation & Abstracting with Kathy Fowler

Kathy Fowler, OAR’s 2018 President, joins us and talks about her experience from fighting forest fires in Montana to being on national committees and 2018 OAR President. We talk about the legislature and abstracting in depth and get a detailed update on what bills we are watching and working on as a state. Listen to Episode 8.

Ep 7: Tech Safety & Ransomware

We talk about a great member benefit of arbitration and professional standards administration. Then a quick recap of what is going on at the capitol after the first major legislative deadline before jumping into the security concerns of smarter technology and tips to keep you and your data safe! Listen to Episode 7.

Ep 6: Legislation & Fair Housing with Andrea Frymire

We interview Andrea Frymire, the chair of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® (OAR) Government Affairs Committee Chair. We talk about some important legislation that we need to pay attention to and advice for REALTORS® to get involved. Plus the Fair Housing Act’s 50th anniversary, what it is & why that is important. Listen to Episode 6.

Ep 5: Real Estate Photography & Legislative Update

We recap Capitol Conference, the current status of the Step Up Oklahoma plan and get a legislative session update from our Government Affairs Director, Jessica Dietrich. Then we talk about the best practices for taking stunning real estate photographs. Listen to Episode 5.

Ep 4: Step Up OK & The Perfect Business Card

A quick & fun Valentines Day Battle of Facts! The most interesting and obscure fact wins. We then take a look into the Step Up Oklahoma plan, what it contains, what impact it will have and where it is in the legislature. Then we talk about good design and what goes into creating a great business card for your business. Listen to Episode 4.

Ep 3: Smart Home Tech & Contract Forms Update

We get a quick legislative session forecast for 2018 from our Government Affairs Director, Jessica Dietrich, discuss all the latest and greatest tech toys for a smart home and bring you all the key changes to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC) Contract Forms going into effect on February 15th. Listen to Episode 3.

Ep 2: YPN (Young Professionals Network) with Kimberly Clark

We interview Kimberly Clark, the chair of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® (OAR) Young Professionals Network (YPN), which was recently named state network of the year from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). She tells how YPN is on the leading edge of developing the leaders of tomorrow and how easy it is to get involved. Join YPN’s Facebook groupListen to Episode 2.

Ep 1: Bitcoin & Wire Fraud

A look into the new technology sweeping across the world, cryptocurrencies, and how/what impact they might and are having in the real estate industry. We also talk about wire fraud and how to protect yourself and your clients from becoming a victim of this devastating scam. Listen to Episode 1.