Oklahoma REALTORS® have worked hard to analyze races, review voting records and participate in candidate interviews. Before you cast your ballot, please consider the candidates your colleagues have identified as the most qualified to make important policy decisions that will impact the future of Oklahoma’s real estate industry.

The REALTORS® Political Action Committee of Oklahoma (RPAC-OK) supports legislative and statewide REALTOR® Party candidates who share and support our position on issues such as protecting property rights, promoting smart growth, creating affordable housing incentives, and encouraging economic development—regardless of party affiliation.

The candidates listed below have all been supported by RPAC-OK.

Remember to vote on November 4!

State Government Races

  • Governor: Mary Fallin
  • Lt. Governor: Todd Lamb
  • Attorney General: Scott Pruitt
  • State Auditor & Inspector: Gary Jones
  • State Treasurer: Ken Miller
  • Commissioner of Labor: Mark Costello
  • Insurance Commissioner: John Doak
  • Corporation Commissioner: Todd Hiett

Oklahoma Senate Races

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  • Marty Quinn (SD2)
  • Senator Mark Allen (SD4)
  • Senator Josh Brecheen (SD6)
  • Roger Thompson (SD8)
  • Senator Eddie Fields (SD10)
  • Senator Brian Bingman (SD12)
  • Senator Frank Simpson (SD14)
  • Senator John Sparks (SD16)
  • Senator Kim David (SD18)
  • Senator A.J. Griffin (SD20)
  • Stephanie Bice (SD22)
  • Senator Anthony Sykes (SD24)
  • Darcy Jech (SD26)
  • Jason Smalley (SD28)
  • Senator Randy Bass (SD32)
  • Senator Rick Brinkley (SD34)
  • Senator Mike Schulz (SD38)
  • Ervin Yen (SD40)
  • Jack Fry (SD42)
  • Ralph Shortey (SD44)
  • Kay Floyd (SD46)
  • Anastasia Pittman (SD48)

Oklahoma House Races

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  • Travis Dunlap (HD10)
  • George Faught (HD14)
  • Representative Bobby Cleveland (HD20)
  • Representative Justin Wood (HD26)
  • Representative Josh Cockroft (HD27)
  • Representative Tom Newell (HD28)
  • James Leewright (HD29)
  • Kevin Wallace (HD32)
  • Representative Dennis Casey (HD35)
  • Representative Sean Roberts (HD36)
  • Representative Steve Vaughan (HD37)
  • Representative Marian Cooksey (HD39)
  • Chad Caldwell (HD40)
  • Representative John Enns (HD 41)
  • Representative Aaron Stiles (HD45)
  • Representative Scott Martin (HD46)
  • Representative Tommy Hardin (HD49)
  • Representative Mark McBride (HD53)
  • Representative Paul Wesslhoft (HD54)
  • Casey Murdock (HD61)
  • Jesse Cross (HD62)
  • Jeff Coody (HD63)
  • Toni Hasenbeck (HD65)
  • Representative Glen Mulready (HD68)
  • Melissa Abdo (HD69)
  • Representative David Brumbaugh (HD76)
  • Representative Weldon Watson (HD79)
  • Kevin Calvey (HD82)
  • Representative Randy McDaniel (HD83)
  • Representative David Dank (HD85)
  • Representative Jason Nelson (HD87)
  • Jason Dunnington (HD88)
  • Shane Stone (HD89)
  • Chris Kannady (HD91)
  • Representative Mike Christian (HD93)
  • Representative Charlie Joyner (HD95)
  • Representative Lewis Moore (HD96)
  • George Young (HD99)
  • Representative Elise Hall (HD100)
  • Representative Gary Banz (HD101)