Webinar and GRI 101 Focus on 2014 Business Planning

Jared JamesLeading coach and speaker Jared James will be hosting a free business planning call after the New Year to help agents like you finally get what you want out of 2014. As a bonus everyone on the call is going to receive his brand new business plan template just for attending.

On the call, Jared is going to help you develop a plan and a mindset to achieve what you want in 2014. Jared believes you can’t put the ingredients in the oven for a pizza and expect a lasagna to come out. We get what we deserve, and he wants to show you how to get what you want going forward for yourself, your family and your future through practical steps to implement and the motivation needed to carry you through.

Register below for one of the two options:

  • Wednesday, January 8, at 11:00 a.m. CENTRAL TIME
    Register by CLICKING HERE
  • Thursday, January 9, at 11:00 a.m. CENTRAL TIME
    Register by CLICKING HERE

This is a great place to start planning your 2014. Don’t stop here! Sign up to attend GRI 101 “The Basics of Profitability” with Karel Murray January 28-29.

  • Your Marketing Personality (Markets & Trends, Branding, Advertising/Do-Not-Call/Spam)
  • Listings and You (CMA, Servicing Listings, Marketing Property, Listing Presentations, Listing Agreement)
  • Financing & The Sales Contract (Working with the Buyer)
  • Business & The Details (Business Planning/Goal Setting, Meth, Sex Offender Registry, REALTOR® Safety)

There are many
many benefits to the GRI designation courses, including provisional/post-license education, national and local trainers, increased referrals, increased income and the prestige of a high quality professional designation.

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