VIDEO: May 23 Capitol Insider

Governor Fallin’s signature on House Bill 2620, the Protect Property Rights Act, marks a historic event for the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® and Oklahoma property owners. OAR went up against a number of the most talented lobbyists at the Capitol, not to mention many cities and towns across the state who opposed a bill that would actually benefit them and their citizens in the fight against abandoned and neglected properties.

RepSteveMartinRep. Steve Martin (R-Bartlesville), who with the end of the legislative session this week, ends his 10 years in the House of Representatives. Martin has been an active member of OAR and guided a number of issues, including the process of moving from agency/subagency to the current law that shapes brokers’ relationship with consumers. Rep. Martin has been a great friend to REALTOR® and private property rights of Oklahomans. His leadership and integrity certainly played a role in the success of HB 2620 this year.

Oklahoma REALTORS® are also to be commended on their active participation in OAR’s calls for action. Rep. Martin agrees, they’re “very effective” in making our position known to lawmakers. The importance of member mobilization and RPAC investments cannot be understated. REALTORS® really have a strong voice at the State Capitol.

Now, even though this week sees the close of another legislative session, the work at OAR continues. This also is the end of another season of weekly video blog posts, but we’ll still be updating you through bi-weekly emails and the blog. Continue to be an insider with legislative updates and news on the Government Affairs section of

Thanks to our coalition members who made a huge impact on the success of the Protect Property Rights Act.