Top 5 Reasons People REgister For REignite

Thinking about going to the REignite Conference this year? Well, stop thinking and start clicking. In case that wasn’t enough to convince you, here are the top 5 reasons people register for the REignite Conference.


#5. REALTOR® + More REALTORS® = A TON of fun!

REignite Fun

Lets face it. When you bring REALTORS® together, you create energy, excitement and a contagious atmosphere where you can’t help but have fun! It’s inevitable. Especially when it’s REALTORS® from across the state! Which brings us to…

#4. The Networking

REignite Networking

Where, or for that matter, when else will you find REALTORS® from Altus to Bartlesville or from Woodward to McAlester all in the same room?

Tulsa! Or more specifically, REignite 2016! Who would want to miss an opportunity to raise a glass with and find a referral partner on the other side of the state? Not you.

#3. To REconnect, REengage and to REnew

Ok – that’s just the tagline but that’s 3 reasons in 1 right there.

#2. Continuing Education

REignite speakers
They say, when you nourish the mind, good things follow. There’ll be plenty of opportunity for minds to be nourished with the line up of speakers, classes and sessions at REingite!


#1. Tulsa

REignite Tulsa

Photo by: Boston Photos

The “Oil Capital of the World” is reason enough. With a vibrant atmosphere, great food and drinks – Tulsa will be an experience all on its own.

BONUS: Register before Early Bird ends and save $$$. $99 Early Bird. $149 after 9/23.