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Ep 14: Recording During Showings & Online Safety

A look into the murky topic of audio and video recordings during a showing or open house. What is legal and what isn’t? We then do a quick follow up on the best practices of online safety and simple steps you can take that increase your safety exponentially. Listen to Episode 14.

Ep 13: OHF & Facebook Hearing Takeaways + Fair Housing

Melissa gives us an update of whats going on at the Oklahoma Housing Foundation (OHF). A recap of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook hearing and key takeaways from that. Plus, the troubles with fair housing compliance and Facebook advertising. Listen to Episode 13.

Ep 12: Facebook Under Fire & Digital Marketing

A lot of our information we share on social media is used to target and market to us. This episode we take a look at the latest the latest issues troubling Facebook with regards to user data, Cambridge Analytica and fair housing. We also explore how marketers track our online activity to deliver extremely targeted ads. Listen to Episode 12.

Ep 11: Teacher Walkout with Chelsea Herndon

We talk with high school teacher Chelsea Herndon, who teaches Biology at Putnam City High School. She helps shed some light on the historic teacher walkout in Oklahoma, why it is important and what it represents for teachers and the education system in Oklahoma. Listen to Episode 11.

Ep 10: Disruption & The Real Estate Industry

Disruption. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Machine Learning. All these buzzwords are surrounding everything that we do these days. We take a look at these, what they mean, how they’ve impacted our lives so far, what we need to look for in terms of disruption in the Real Estate Industry and what we can do to be ready for it. Listen to Episode 10.

Ep 9: 30 Under 30 with Jessica Thompson

We talk to Jessica Thompson, 2017 Winner of the National Association of REALTORS® 30 Under 30 award. We talk about her, the road to winning this prestigious award, her focus on community and its betterment and what young Realtors should do to follow in her footsteps. Listen to Episode 9.

Ep 8: Legislation & Abstracting with Kathy Fowler

Kathy Fowler, OAR’s 2018 President, joins us and talks about her experience from fighting forest fires in Montana to being on national committees and 2018 OAR President. We talk about the legislature and abstracting in depth and get a detailed update on what bills we are watching and working on as a state. Listen to Episode 8.

Ep 7: Tech Safety & Ransomware

We talk about a great member benefit of arbitration and professional standards administration. Then a quick recap of what is going on at the capitol after the first major legislative deadline before jumping into the security concerns of smarter technology and tips to keep you and your data safe! Listen to Episode 7.


Ep 6: Legislation & Fair Housing with Andrea Frymire

We interview Andrea Frymire, the chair of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® (OAR) Government Affairs Committee Chair. We talk about some important legislation that we need to pay attention to and advice for REALTORS® to get involved. Plus the Fair Housing Act’s 50th anniversary, what it is & why that is important. Listen to Episode 6.


Ep 5: Real Estate Photography & Legislative Update

We recap Capitol Conference, the current status of the Step Up Oklahoma plan and get a legislative session update from our Government Affairs Director, Jessica Dietrich. Then we talk about the best practices for taking stunning real estate photographs. Listen to Episode 5.

Ep 4: Step Up OK & The Perfect Business Card

A quick & fun Valentines Day Battle of Facts! The most interesting and obscure fact wins. We then take a look into the Step Up Oklahoma plan, what it contains, what impact it will have and where it is in the legislature. Then we talk about good design and what goes into creating a great business card for your business. Listen to Episode 4.

Ep 3: Smart Home Tech & Contract Forms Update

We get a quick legislative session forecast for 2018 from our Government Affairs Director, Jessica Dietrich, discuss all the latest and greatest tech toys for a smart home and bring you all the key changes to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC) Contract Forms going into effect on February 15th. Listen to Episode 3.

Ep 2: YPN (Young Professionals Network) with Kimberly Clark

We interview Kimberly Clark, the chair of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® (OAR) Young Professionals Network (YPN), which was recently named state network of the year from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). She tells how YPN is on the leading edge of developing the leaders of tomorrow and how easy it is to get involved. Join YPN’s Facebook groupListen to Episode 2.

Ep 1: Bitcoin & Wire Fraud

A look into the new technology sweeping across the world, cryptocurrencies, and how/what impact they might and are having in the real estate industry. We also talk about wire fraud and how to protect yourself and your clients from becoming a victim of this devastating scam. Listen to Episode 1.