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Listen to this Talking Real podcast episode on REALTOR® Safety. Geoff and Nabeel break down NAR’s 2019 Member Safety Report to help you stay aware and protected! Listen now.

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REALTOR® Safe Harbor


REALTORS® often need a simple way to find safe, public locations to meet prospective clients. REALTOR® Safe Harbors are locations who have agreed to allow REALTORS® to meet at their office, copy a drivers license, print a Prospect Identification Form – free of charge.

Oklahoma REALTORS® can simply go to to quickly find all Safe Harbor locations in their area. The location can be quickly forwarded to a client with a few clicks. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android and can be found by searching for “Realtor Safe Harbor” in the App Store or Google Play.

To sign up your office to become a safe harbor, go to


REALTOR® Safe Harbor is a partnership between the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® and Real Agent Guard: We’re safer together.

These pre-designed safety forms from the National Association of REALTORS® are available for you to download, customize and use daily in your office:

REALTOR® Safety App

GL_stacked_blueGuard Llama is a mobile security platform for REALTORS® that allows you to reach first responders faster than you can slide-to-unlock your phone. They will know your GPS location, have access to your complete security profile and medical profile. Now the authorities can respond more effectively than ever before. Get a Guard Llama, and turn your phone back into the lifeline that it was meant to be!

When you sign up, use the code oklahoma_realtor.

  • Immediate and discreet activation, never alert a potential attacker that police are on the way and keep your phone safely out of sight.
  • Altitude location services, making sure you’ll be found in any building over one story tall
  • Unlike other safety apps, Guard Llama always alerts the police directly, instead of your family & friends, which is crucial in an emergency situation. Home security systems don’t compromise on monitoring, why should you?


Arkansas REALTORS® Association Safety Video Series

In the video below, consumers learn about the potential safety protocols they may encounter when working with a REALTOR®. It’s a great resource to share with clients to educate them about the importance of REALTOR® safety.

NAR hosted safety webinars presented by five noted safety experts—one of them—Tracey Hawkins “The Safety Lady” gave safety seminars recently at OAR. Another—Adam Havey—is with one of OAR’s newest Success Partners, Guard Llama. Continue down the page to read more about that app!

Click on the link below to learn valuable tips to keep you safe in your job.


Send Someone Your Location Via Email

If you’ve discovered the power and convenience of IFTTT, then you need to add this recipe! Program it to send an email to your broker, a team member, your family member, or whoever needs to know where your location is and could take action if you’re unaccounted for!

IFTTT_Send someone your location via email