RPR Introduces Conversations with Commercial Real Estate Pros

Showing and telling Commercial practitioners how to leverage our data and reports to their utmost advantage is a big part of what we do here at RPR. Yet, no story is stronger or more compelling than the one told by your colleagues. In this eBook, three top Commercial real estate pros share how they use RPR to:

  • Identify site selection using data sets such as public records, traffic counts, business points of interest, demographic and psychographic insights, and consumer spending data
  • Create branded, decision-prompting reports that accurately depict current market activity as well as future projections

Here’s a recap of what you’ll find in Conversations With Commercial Real Estate Pros

  • Commercial Real Estate Pro’s Five “Must Have” RPR Tools
    One might think that 27 years in the industry would make anyone an expert on virtually anything real estate related. Yet, for this Tampa-based REALTOR®, the learning never stops, especially in commercial real estate. Find out what five RPR features he can’t live without.
  • National Trends Reveal Underserved Market for Local REALTOR®
    By mixing his healthcare expertise and local assisted living market knowledge, this REALTOR® has identified an underserved market for his clients and uses RPR Commercial to identify where that market lives.
  • Opening Doors to Real Estate Investing
    Learn how this Commercial practitioner went from watching developers to building an investment team and client base driven not only by profit, but also positive community impact.