Remembering Cristy Ksepka

Dear REALTOR® Family,

It is with great sadness to report that Cristy Ksepka, OAR’s Professional Development Manager, passed away Monday morning. Our most heartfelt sympathies and prayers go out to Cristy’s husband, Chris.


In the past year, Cristy joined our team and immediately made an impact. She was organized, capable and dedicated to improving OAR’s professional development offerings. She was instrumental to many of the logistics surrounding OAR’s transition to virtual events this past year, and she was striving to unveil OAR’s first online course soon.

Cristy was a hard worker, and she was a team player who wasn’t afraid to lend a hand on a new and unknown part of the association when it was needed. She always arrived first on the day of any OAR virtual event, bringing donuts and sausage rolls for the team members who would follow.

More than a colleague, Cristy was a friend. We will miss crazy stories of growing up in Southeastern Oklahoma, discussing the best places to eat or get a drink in Oklahoma City, and bantering about politics in a way that was always fun.

Cristy was everything you hope for in a colleague. We will remember her fondly as a wonderful person who was great at her job.