REALTORS® share 10 RPR strategies for success

A look back at our 2017 REALTOR® stories reveals compelling and insightful strategies for creating workplace efficiencies, earning client trust, and generating new business –– all while leveraging the data and reports found within Realtors Property Resource® (RPR® ).

1. 5 ways to fight the good fight in real estate

The accuracy of the data obtained by consumers, and the availability of the most up-to-date data, is a point of concern for many REALTORS®. Here, an agent describes how he finds new opportunities to reinforce his value to consumers while leveraging challenges brought on by real estate’s “age of information.”

2. Mortgage data turns table in buyer’s favor

Knowledge is power in the real estate space, especially at the negotiating table. Here’s a quick anecdote from a REALTOR® who successfully turned the tides in his buyer’s favor just by checking the listing’s mortgage information in RPR.

3. Economic area report gives voice to association staffers

Staffer earns a voice among community leaders who now see her Association and REALTORS® as information providers who can help shape conversations about the future of their communities.

4. 3 ways to go over & above when working with referrals

America is on the move, and this Realtor is ready to roll with it. Learn how he capitalizes on the surge by building a robust referral market in one of the country’s hottest relocation markets.

5. Easy icebreaker ideas for creating new business

In supercharged real estate markets like the Denver metro area, every move counts. That’s why Jickson Chacko never overlooks an opportunity to shop for new clients, literally.

6. School report cuts sales cycle in half

According to this REALTOR®, an app only needs to do two things for her: “Prove that it’s going to help me make money and make my life easier. From there, we should be able to put our minds to using it.”

7. Client engagement leads to early buy-in

This Broker/Owner takes client engagement seriously. He believes securing an early buy-in from would-be homeowners gives them ownership for the process. And he uses the RPR app to do so.

8. An economist’s tour from Wall Street to Main Street

REALTORS® are often looked at by clients as local economic experts, with expectations to time markets precisely, identify opportunities before anyone else, and to determine the optimal purchase or sale price for projects. Having the right resources can vastly improve their odds at projecting things accurately.

9. Real estate’s most important four letter word is “next,” not “sold”

There’s somewhat of a science when using social media to generate new business. In all, follow the 80/20 rule. Here’s how one one flexible, easy-to-use social media platform, combined with the nation’s only REALTOR®-owned data and reporting platform, can help.

10. REALTOR® owned technology sweetens showings

Today, consumers have access to more real estate data than any other time in history so it’s an agent’s job to have the right data at the right time, and be able to both show and tell her way through a tour.