Proud CEO Moment

This moment.

This one:

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Yes, it’s just a podcast. This one happens to be the 68th podcast Nabeel and Geoff have hosted and produced. But it’s also the 68th weekly Talking Real podcast… IN A ROW. Every week. Regardless of vacations, holidays, conferences and events, these two have taken on a new adventure for our association, and they have exceeded expectation.

Also, listen to what they’re talking about. We helped get a bill passed, SB104, which clarifies marketing practices for our industry and changes one of the most frustrating and perplexing rules for REALTORS® across the state.

We did it.

We did it because of our great government affairs team and fantastic members who pour themselves into their committees. Special shout-out to President Lisa Weaver, Government Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Shaffer, members of our staff government affairs team Josh Cockroft and Jessica Dietrich.

And it isn’t all we did.

Home Buyer Savings Accounts? Passed those, too, after three years of effort. Now, Oklahoma, is one of the first ten states (#TopTen, Governor Stitt? 😉) to have created them. And yesterday afternoon, we made it 3 for 3 in getting our request bills signed into law, with remote online notarizations now authorized to be set up and regulated by the Secretary of State.

How’s that for an Oklahoma turnaround?

Obviously, we owe huge thanks to the Legislators who made it happen, too: Sen. Paul Rosino, Rep. Mark VanCuren, Sen. Jason Smalley, Rep. Tammy West, and Rep. Chris Kannady.

This moment isn’t just about government affairs, or the podcast, or communications, or even the Oklahoma Housing Foundation’s Land Run (which you should sign up to run or volunteer for!)… it’s about all of it. It’s about the value we’re providing to you, the members of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®.

I hope you can see the value, because this team is great, and I’m amazed with where we’re headed.

This is a proud CEO moment, and I just had to share it with you.


Chief Executive Officer
Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®


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