Protect Property Rights Act Signed into Law

Governor Fallin signed House Bill 2620, the Protect Property Rights Act, into law. OAR has monitored and worked many bills this session, but this has taken a front seat. By taking on this issue for property owners across the state, the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® went up against some of the most talented lobbyists at the State Capitol, not to mention a number of cities across the state that opposed a bill that will actually benefit them and their citizens in the fight against abandoned and neglected properties.

Rep Steve Martin

This is a historic day for the association and property owners of Oklahoma. However more than that, it overwhelmingly reaffirms the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® is a powerful force on behalf of private property rights at the Capitol. OAR is fortunate to have a history of fine lobbyists, but credit also goes to Oklahoma REALTORS® who answer our Calls for Action to voice their position to legislators, attend REALTOR® Day at the Capitol to meet face-to-face with lawmakers, and also invest in RPAC. Member involvement is a key component to OAR’s success at 23rd and Lincoln.

Sen Greg Treat

Thanks and appreciation certainly go to bill authors, Rep. Steve Martin and Sen. Greg Treat for championing this measure through some very challenging debates and strong opposition. They knew this must become law in order to protect law-abiding property owners from exorbitant registry fees that do nothing to address the true issue of abandoned and neglected property. Their determination and firm belief—along with the equity in their reputation—kept this bill chugging along its path to victory.

We also appreciate the commitment of our coalition members who worked hard in this crusade.

  • Oklahoma State Home Builders Association
  • Oklahoma Credit Union Association
  • Oklahoma Farm Bureau
  • Oklahoma Bankers Association
  • Oklahoma Land Title Association
  • National Federation of Independent Business

Without these organizations, the Protect Property Rights Act would’ve been a very different campaign. We thank the fine people of these organizations for joining us in the stand for private property owners.

We invite you to follow the Government Affairs section of and tune in to the weekly Capitol Insider video series during the legislative session for the latest updates. And as always, if you have any questions or feedback about OAR’s legislative agenda, you are invited to contact OAR Vice President of Government Affairs Matt Robison by email or by calling 405.848.9944.