Ep 8: Legislation & Abstracting with Kathy Fowler

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Kathy Fowler, OAR’s 2018 President, joins us and talks about her experience from fighting forest fires in Montana to being on national committees and 2018 OAR President. We talk about the legislature and abstracting in depth and get a detailed update on what bills we are watching and working on as a state.

Kathy Fowler – 2018 President

  • [0:42] REALTOR® Magazine Good Neighbor Award (nar.realtor/gna)
  • [2:36] Legal Line Ad
  • [3:17] Special guest Kathy Fowler (OAR 2018 President)
  • [10:35] Goals for 2018
  • [13:40] Legislative outlook and update
  • [21:20] Abstracting
  • [27:30] Rapid Fire Randomness (RFR)