Ep 40: REALTOR® Story Time (Chapter 1)

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A very special episode featuring 4 Realtors and their true stories. Audra Montgomery, Margaret Barton, Jillian Gardner and Brian Preston tell their stories – A perfect balance of humor, horror, entertainment and education. Enjoy.

  • [0:27] Intro to Story Time
  • [2:02] Audra Montgomery – Don’t Push the Button!
  • [4:08] Margaret Barton – Can you test drive a home?
  • [10:22] Jillian Gardner – Hoarder or Horror?
  • [16:25] Brian Preston – Creative Problem Solving
  • [19:20] Want to be featured on Talking Real? Send us your real estate related stories – good, bad, scary and funny and feedback to podcast@okrealtors.com!