Ep 22: Lead Generation

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We take a look at a recent lawsuit alleging fraudulent leads at Realtor.com and some important things to keep in mind when signing up with a company that promises great leads. Plus a funny story about house plants.

  • [1:03] LeadershipOAR. Oklahoma REALTORS® Leadership Academy. okrealtors.com/leadershipoar
  • [1:55] Committee nominations and award applications.
  • [2:25] REignite conference registration starts July 2. okrealtors.com/conference
  • [2:45] Application month ad. June is application month. Go to okrealtors.com/applications to submit your nominations
  • [3:38] Lead generation. Realtor.com lawsuit alleging fraudulent leads. The Real Daily article.
  • [11:35] Things to look for when signing up for a lead generation service.
  • [23:10] A humorous lesson in taking care of house plants at showings.