Ep 18: Primaries & D.C. Snapshot

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Geoff gives us a quick snapshot of some key things that he learned about in Washington D.C. We then talk about the Primary Elections coming up on June 26 and what we can expect to see on the ballot. Plus, some great listener feedback.

  • [2:20] Geoff’s key highlights from Washington D.C.
  • [13:05] Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Know before you owe mortgage shopping tool kit
  • [16:58] Young Professional’s Network (YPN) Golf Event Ad. Backswing for the Chicken wing on June 15 at 4:30pm in Jenks, OK. Get event details and register now.
  • [18:29] Primary for Oklahoma elections on June 26. What you can expect to see on the ballot – from the people to the questions. Election website.
  • [31:51] Listener feedback. Alternate mileage tracking tool and it does much more! Automatic.com