Ep 12: Facebook Under Fire & Digital Marketing

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A lot of our information we share on social media is used to target and market to us. This episode we take a look at the latest the latest issues troubling Facebook with regards to user data, Cambridge Analytica and fair housing. We also explore how marketers track our online activity to deliver extremely targeted ads.

  • [1:03] Teacher Walkout Update
  • [3:45] Oklahoma Housing Foundation Search Portal Ad
  • [4:35] Facebook under fire. Data security & data privacy issues. What information should a company have? How can they use it? How should they store it?
  • [6:55] Cambridge Analytica & online profiling with user data for marketing
  • [15:03] Digital marketing – cookies have evolved into Pixels. How is user data is tracked/stored? How powerful is it? Are there data privacy laws?
  • [31:15] Fair housing laws & Facebook