Ep 11: Teacher Walkout with Chelsea Herndon

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We talk with high school teacher Chelsea Herndon, who teaches Biology at Putnam City High School. She helps shed some light on the historic teacher walkout in Oklahoma, why it is important and what it represents for teachers and the education system in Oklahoma.

Chelsea Herndon – Teacher

  • [0:40] Teacher Walkout
  • [5:00] Oklahoma Housing Foundation Search Portal Ad
  • [5:53] Special guest Chelsea Herndon
  • [6:16] Chelsea’s story
  • [8:44] BBC Interview
  • [12:35] Classrooms & education in Oklahoma
  • [31:25] The impact of education on real estate and the economy
  • [38:25] Rapid Fire Randomness (RFR)
  • [42:55] Advice to brand new & aspiring teacher