Ep 10: Disruption & The Real Estate Industry

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Disruption. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Machine Learning. All these buzzwords are surrounding everything that we do these days. We take a look at these, what they mean, how they’ve impacted our lives so far, what we need to look for in terms of disruption in the Real Estate Industry and what we can do to be ready for it.

  • [3:02] REALTOR® Magazine’s Good Neighbor Award – Deadline May 4
  • [4:08] Disruption. A.I. & Machine Learning. What is it? What impact is it having on industries? Some noteworthy examples.
  • [19:22] A.I. Technology & Disruption in the Real Estate Industry. Where do Realtors fit in?
  • [26:30] The role of the firm, individual Realtor & the association.