Ep 1: Bitcoin & Wire Fraud

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A look into the new technology sweeping across the world, cryptocurrencies, and how/what impact they might and are having in the real estate industry. We also talk about wire fraud and how to protect yourself and your clients from becoming a victim of this devastating scam.

  • [1:07] Young Professionals Network’s next event – Karaoke Night
  • [2:08] What is Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies?
  • [3:00] Legal Line Ad
  • [3:42] Bitcoin & how it works as a payment system
  • [8:44] Bitcoin’s impact on real estate
  • [14:50] Capitol Conference. What is it & why you don’t want to miss it?
  • [16:28] Wire Fraud. What is wire fraud? How you can identify it, and steps you can take to protect yourself (and your clients) from becoming a victim