Oklahoma Association of Realtors cautions legislators to rethink cap on itemized tax deductions legislation

House Bill 2403 would constrain Oklahoma’s real estate industry and burden the state’s economy.

OKLAHOMA CITY– Oklahoma Association of Realtors® (OAR) cautions passage of House Bill 2403, which would cap itemized deductions on state tax returns at $17,000 through 2019. Itemized deductions are utilized to lower a tax bill and include property taxes, mortgage interest, medical expenses and charitable donations, which was recently exempted from the legislation.

“We recognize the budget situation that the state is currently in and the bind legislators are trying to work through, but think that capping itemized deductions would negatively affect the state’s real estate market, economy and ability for Oklahomans to purchase homes,” said Pete Galbraith, OAR president. “Capping the amount that Oklahoma residents deduct from paying property taxes and mortgage interest effectively raises taxes on all Oklahoma homeowners and inhibits their ability to not only invest or reinvest in property, but also hurts the state’s overall economy.”

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May 15, 2017
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