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Buyer Inducements & Marketing Clarifications

Buyer Inducements & Marketing Clarifications: Talking Real Live at REignite 2019

Watch (or listen) to this episode of Talking Real for an in depth explanation of what you can, and can not do with the new buyer inducement and marketing clarification laws.

Jessica Hickok’s Post Outlining New Marketing Laws

Can you give away a branded bottle of water at an open house?
Can you put out cookies or other snacks?
Can you give away a $25 gift certificate in a drawing for people who have recently like your social page?

These questions have tormented REALTORS® for years. And for years the answer from the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission has been, “no,” because the law did not allow real estate licensees to provide prizes or any other items of value to influence a purchaser or prospective purchaser of real estate.


Talking Real Podcast Episode 90

This week we take a look at the new marketing laws going into effect Nov 1. We go through real life scenarios and marketing examples of what will be allowed in the new law and what will get you in hot water. This episode was recorded LIVE as part of a class for CE credit at the REignite Conference. Listen to Episode 90.


Talking Real Podcast Episode 68

Josh Cockroft joins us for a deeper dive into SB 104. The Marketing Clarification bill that was signed into law by Governor Stitt will go into effect November 1st. Learn about what changes are coming and how this might impact your business! Listen to Episode 68.



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Home Buyer Savings Account

Talking Real Podcast Episode 77

The biggest hurdle for first time home buyers is affordability. Josh Cockroft joins us to talk about how it will become just a little bit easier for those first time homeowners in 2020 with new home buyer savings accounts. Listen to Episode 77.


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Remote Online Notary

Talking Real Podcast Episode 71

Josh Cockroft joins us again for a deep dive into another piece of legislation that was important to REALTORS®. Learn more about the future of notarization with SB 915 – the Remote Online Notary bill that was signed into law by Governor Stitt. Listen to Episode 71.


OK100 Article

With the passage of Senate Bill 915 in May 2019, Oklahoma has become the 20th state to adopt remote online notarization (RON). Currently, notarial acts must be performed in-person, with the notary serving as a witness during the signing event. However, in 2020, Oklahoma notaries will be able to perform these services online with secure audio-visual calls.



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