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OAR Bylaws tell us the Secretary serves as the corporate secretary of the Association and assists the Treasurer. Ask Kacy Bell of Keller Williams Realty, Tulsa, why it’s important to her to serve in this role and she’ll emphatically answer, “It is important for all of us to give back to our industry. Together we work to make our business better!”

“As Secretary it is important to support the leadership and Board of Directors in doing the business of the Association,” she continues. “I have received so much from a career in real estate, and I know the leaders who have been there during my career have made a big difference. I want to do the same by giving back to our real estate community.”

In addition to taking requests for assistance from OAR’s Legal Action Fund and being available as a co-signer on OAR’s financial records, the secretary serves on a number of committees; as vice chair of the Audit and Finance Committee, and as a member of the Association Meetings, Executive, Real Estate Issues and Strategic Planning Committees.

In a Q&A session, Kacy summed up her involvement as OAR Secretary:

OAR: How is 2012 going for you in your leadership role so far?
Kacy: Fantastic! We have a dedicated group of leaders: Dave, Joe and Mary as well as Lisa. They are all committed to do their best for our members. I am learning and it is inspiring to see so many committed to our success!

OAR: What are you learning from your role as Secretary?
Kacy: So much. The most important thing I have learned is the value of teamwork. I believe in teamwork and how everyone is focused on the vision for the future of our Association, and the services OAR provides to our membership is inspiring. Until you get involved you just don’t realize how many talented and dedicated people are working on our behalf.

OAR: What do you hope to accomplish as Secretary?
Kacy: I hope to make a difference. I hope to get to know our members better and to see where they need our assistance, and then move forward with creative ways to continue to deliver great service.

OAR: Do you have any interesting moments to share about your experience as Secretary?
Kacy: I think the most interesting thing to share with our members is how diverse the leadership team is. We do not all come from the same mindset; however, we do have great respect for each other’s views and opinions!. That is what is making this year so great! The exchange of ideas and differing perspectives is helping us “get out of the box” and be creative. We can achieve at the highest levels – and that is FUN!

One thought on “Meet Your OAR Secretary

  1. Kacy may be the Secretary of OAR but that really is corp position and her accomplishments as Broker, RPAC contributor and as the RPIC for NAR are much greater in their impact.

    Kacy is a fantastic Realtor member and will make a great officer for OAR and I am very proud to count her as a friend.

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