OAR has established a Legal Line to assist members with issues and questions related the real estate profession. The Legal Line is reserved for members of OAR only. Categories of questions that OAR can assist with include arbitration, Code of Ethics, OREC compliance, contract law, MLS policy, and general real estate law. Questions can be submitted to the OAR Legal Line in the following ways:

  1. Fill out the online request form on this page (Best Method)
  2. Email your request to: legal@okrealtors.com

Ready to get started? Please review the following OAR Legal Helpline policies first:

  1. The OAR Legal Line requires the participation of your Broker. Please submit all requests to the Legal Line through your Broker.
  2. Be prepared to provide your NRDS number when making a request to the OAR Legal Line. We use this information to verify your status as a member of OAR. You can locate your NRDS number here: NRDS ID Number Lookup
  3. The OAR Legal Line is designed to provide general guidance and advice with your common questions. It is not a substitute for seeking legal advice from your own attorney. Any attorney responding to your requests through the OAR Legal Line is not your attorney and your requests do not create an Attorney-Client relationship with OAR attorneys.
  4. We are not always immediately available to assist you, so please plan ahead to contact the OAR Legal Line before your question becomes an emergency. We always endeavor to respond to your request by the next business day, but response times are not guaranteed.
  5. The OAR Legal Line is reserved for members only. If you are a licensed real estate professional and not a member, you can see how to become a member by clicking here: okrealtors.com/members
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