How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

Maybe you got a new job, or you have just outgrown your current home, either way you have to sell your house, what do you do?

Selling your home can be an overwhelming task, but with some knowledge and assistance it doesn’t have to be First and foremost – hire a REALTOR®. Whether its someone you know personally, someone your family has used in the past, or someone you found online. Hire a REALTOR®. Their knowledge and expertise is invaluable. A REALTOR® will guide you through every step of the pricing, from insight for pricing to staging and needed repairs. Remember, your goal is the same – sell your home quickly and for the best price you can.

Selling your home also requires you to prepare your mind along with your home. Your home holds a special place in your heart – all the firsts that have happened in this home, you know the “we got our first pet here”, “we brought our baby home here” and there are so many emotions connected to a home that will have more value to you than to your potential buyers. So, if you are aware of these you can look at the home with the eyes of the buyer and that will make staging and preparing your home so much easier.

Next, start your to do list. Walk to the curb and view your home what do you see? Overgrown shrubs? Flower beds in need of attention? Next walk through your house and notice things that you might not on a daily basis. Is your home easy to walk through? You may want to remove/store furniture to create a better flow, you want the potential buyer to see themselves living in your home, so you want to give them the space to do that. You may consider taking down and storing family pictures. Again, your objective is to sell your home and you want buyers to see the home and see themselves in it. Remember, your REALTOR® will walk you through this whole process you won’t be “in it” alone!

Think about what you will be looking for in a home, if you are selling you will be buying elsewhere, so what things do you notice about a home? Take that information and use it to prepare your home to be more attractive to buyers, because you aren’t the only one that will notice that the cabinet under the kitchen sink needs touching up. There are others who will notice too.

Through this whole process, remember, communication with your REALTOR® is extremely important. They can be the objective guide you need through this, from the listing to the closing. Before long, you will be into your next chapter, making new memories in a brand new home.

LaDonna Bryce
Bryce Realty Group





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