2020 Harriett Wagnon Association Executive Achievement Award

2020 AE Award Nomination Form

  • PURPOSE AND ELIGIBILITY: The Harriett Wagnon Association Executive Achievement Award is presented to an individual who has truly excelled in his or her role as an association executive of a local Oklahoma REALTOR® association and who is active in the REALTOR® organization at the time of nomination. Only those nominees for whom a written nomination form has been received by the deadline date will be considered. This award may or may not be presented annually.

    NOMINATIONS: Nomination may be submitted by any person other than the candidate and must be accompanied by a letter prepared by the person making the nomination, setting forth the details of the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions consistent with criteria. The nominee shall be notified of nomination to provide additional information regarding, state/national committee work, community involvement, etc. There shall be no campaigning on behalf of a candidate, by the candidate, the nominator, a REALTOR® member, REALTOR® affiliate member, state, or local association. All letters of support must accompany this application submission. Letters of support not accompanying this form will not be considered. Carry over nominations shall be subject to a follow up questionnaire.

    SELECTION TIMELINE: Selection shall be made by the OAR Executive Committee. If a recipient is chosen for that year, the recipient will be recognized and presented with a personalized recognition award at OAR’s annual inaugural banquet and announced at the first OAR Board of Directors meeting the following year.
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