2018 Capitol Conference

Join us on February 13 for a fun and informative afternoon where you will:

• Watch the legislature in action
• Share your views on the bills on which they will be voting
• Personally thank your legislator
• Enjoy an ice cream treat in the rotunda
• Network with REALTORS® from across the state

Last year we had a record number of REALTORS® at the state Capitol. This year lets do it again! Show the Political Power of Oklahoma REALTORS®! Guests are welcome.

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2018 GRI 102

$218 ($195 Early Bird through Feb 22)

Day One:
Real Estate Investment and Taxation for the Real Estate Agent — Chris Bird (6 Elective CE: TAX)
Day Two:
Financing Techniques — Pat Vann (4 Elective CE: FIN)
Intro to Commercial (or similar) — Nate Johnson (3 or 4 Elective CE: PMG)

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2018 GRI 201

Provisional Requirement
$218 ($195 Early Bird through Apr 11)

Day One – Diane Disbrow:
NAR Code of Ethics Training (3 Core CE: PSC)
Minimize Your Risk (2 Elective CE: RIS)
Professional Standards Class (3 Core CE: PSC)

Day Two – Joyce Painter:
23 Ways to Lose Your License (2 Core CE: CAR)
Laws of Advertising (2 Core CE: CAR)
Uniform Purchase Contract & Related Addenda (4 Core CE: CON)

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2018 GRI 202

$218 ($195 Early Bird through May 30)

Day One:
Title Insurance – Charis Ward
Environmental Issues & Red Flags – John Knox (3 Elective CE: ENV)
Real Estate Inspections – John Knox (3 Elective CE: INS)

Day Two:
Broker Relationships Act – Joyce Painter (3 Core CE: BRA)
Brokerage Management & Law – Joyce Painter (3 Elective CE: BRM)
Real Estate Safe Practices – Tracey Hawkins (2 Core CE: HOT)

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2018 GRI 301

$298 ($255 Early Bird through Sept 5)

Day One – Amy Smythe Harris:
The Social Media REALTOR® (6 Elective CE: ADV)

Day Two – Amy Smythe Harris:
Cloud Computing (2 Elective CE: ICC)
Foundational Apps (2 Elective CE: ICC)
Ultimate Mobile Agent (2 Elective CE: ICC)
Apptastic Time (2 Elective CE: ICC)

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