Free Taxbot Webinar September 18

Your Family is Your Secret Weapon to More Tax Deductions

Attend live for a FREE digital copy of Taxbot’s “Crack the Code” ebook!
​​​​​​​This eBook will help you to understand how the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” impacts your individual tax return.

Here’s a look at what we’ll talk about:

  • Why you should hire your spouse – even just part time at minimum wage – in your business.

  • How to use your marriage certificate to qualify to write off 100% of all your medical expenses (including your deductible AND procedures that aren’t covered by insurance like braces, acupuncture, and more!)

  • The blueprint you can follow when booking your vacations to make them a 100% tax write off!

  • How the wealthy pay for college, weddings, and expensive hobbies through their company – and deducting the entire expense.

  • Why you should consider “giving” your office equipment, cars, and even furniture to your kids or your spouse!

  • How to deduct the cost of your equipment twice! (You read that right… deduct it two times – thanks to a strange provision in the tax code)

  • How to double down on your retirement savings using a “family employee” loophole.

  • How to get a 40% discount on life insurance for all your family members… even if they have pre-existing conditions that prevent them from getting insurance.

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