Free Taxbot Webinar Nov 28

The Bulldog Method: How To Save Big Money On Your ​​​​​​​Taxes Next Year

How To Sniff Out, Hunt Down, And Hold Onto Every Deduction You Are Entitled To!

Let’s be frank. Unless you have studied to be a CPA your taxes are a mystery to you.  Do you ever wonder if you missed out on some deductions you were entitled to?

​​​​​​​Well, don’t worry anymore! Using his Bulldog method, Sandy has created a 4 step checklist that he has used to help tens-of-thousands of people find an estimated $20,000+ in tax savings year-after-year and he is going to share it during this upcoming webinar.
The webinar will cover things like:

  • 10 simple questions you can ask your accountant to see if you need to make a switch

  • Learn what the top 5 deductions for your business are and how to take advantage of them

  • Learn about super simple software tools that are available to make your life easier and ensure your compliance with the IRS ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • How we found 10K in missed tax savings for 7 strangers

About your presenter: Sandy Botkin is a former IRS attorney. He is also a CPA and a best selling author of several books on finance and small business tax strategy. He is also a co-founder of Taxbot. Sandy has helped millions of self-employed people save on their taxes over the last 30 years.

About Taxbot: Taxbot is an app that helps automate mileage and expense tracking for self-employed people. And it does it according to IRS rules so you can rest easy that you could win in an audit. Learn more at 

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