2019 GRI 101

The Basics of Profitability
$218 ($195 Early Bird through Jan 2)
CE Credit: 16 Elective (SAM)
Instructor: Travis Everette

Day One
Your Marketing Personality (Markets & Trends, Branding, Advertising/Do-Not Call/Spam)
Listings and You (CMA, Servicing Listings, Marketing Property, Listing Presentation, Listing Agreement)

Day Two
Financing & The Sales Contract – Working with the Buyer
Business & The Details (Business Planning/Goal Setting, Meth, Sex Offender Registry, REALTOR® Safety

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2019 GRI 102

$218 ($195 Early Bird through March 1)
Registration deadline March 8

Day One
Real Estate Investment and Taxation for the Real Estate Agent — Chris Bird

Day Two
Financing Techniques — Pat Vann
Selling the Sun — Pamela Brookstein

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2019 GRI 201

$218 ($195 Early Bird through April 19)
Registration deadline April 26

Provisional Requirement

Day One – Bruce Aydt
NAR Code of Ethics Training
Minimize Your Risk
Professional Standards

Day Two – Michele Sloan
20 Ways to Lose Your License
Top Ten Protection Laws
Win-win Negotiations

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