OAR Bylaws – Proposal Information for 2020

The below information has been put forth by a President’s Advisory Group (PAG), made up of OAR members from around the state and representing a variety of local boards,  to examine the potential restructuring of the OAR Board of Directors.

Following feedback from members across the state last year, a new PAG was organized to examine what changes might need to be made in order to reduce the size of the Board of Directors to a more appropriate size, while ensuring each individual board’s representation is not shrunk too small.

Below are a couple resources to better understand the proposal, and how the PAG reached its recommendation to the Board of Directors. It will be easiest to read the proposals in the “Worksheet” and each proposal includes rationale for its inclusion. Should you have any questions or concerns, the PAG urges you to email info@okrealtors.com. UPDATESince the PAG has announced their proposal, your feedback has allowed the PAG to better consider how to make their suggestion and will be offering an amendment to their proposal (page 4 of the worksheet). The chart below is also updated to reflect how the amendment would affect the makeup of each local board. 

As a reminder, bylaws changes, if passed out of the Board of Directors will be sent to a vote of the full membership of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS®.

Watch an Interview with a PAG member regarding the proposal

The PAG will work to answer questions which are submitted and provide as much transparent feedback is possible. Board of Directors members will be sent that information directly, and others can check back here for updates.