10 Best Zoom Backgrounds for REALTORS®

Anya Mashaney
Spaces Real Esatate

As we all adapt from the effects of this pandemic and serve our clients the best we can, many of us find ourselves missing the social aspect of real estate. REALTORS® are utilizing technology such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and other video chat options more than ever. For those looking for a free option, many have turned to Zoom, which offers unlimited free meetings of up to 40 minutes. But let’s be honest, after weeks of “Sheltering in Place,” it may feel exhausting just to get dressed from the waist up, never mind worrying about the backdrop of your house for Zoom calls. With Zoom, you can very easily add a virtual background, even using the free version. Not only can adding a virtual background liven up your call and showcase your personality, it also reduces background distractions in your video for the other participants.

From your computer, once in a meeting, click on the upwards arrow to the right of the “Stop Video” button in the bottom left corner.

From there, you will select “Choose Virtual Background” and a screen will display showing you a few default options or an opportunity to upload your own! OAR has created several different backgrounds for you to use – you can explore those here. While Zoom offers a beach scene and a few others, here are some more to raise the bar of professionalism or simply have a little fun.

1. Your Dream Office
Why not play pretend? Rather than your Zoom guests scrutinizing your real home office, give them a non-distracting, yet beautiful photo of an office you only wish you had. This not only keeps background distractions to a minimum but may inspire you to actually fix up your own office. Plenty of beautiful office space and interior design, royalty-free images can be easily downloaded from Unsplash.com.

(source: unsplash.com)

2. The Office
Most people will recognize this background from the show, The Office. Used as a confessional for every character, you can line your camera up just right that your clients couldn’t even tell the difference. Still non-distracting but a little more on the light-hearted side.

(Source: https://twitter.com/thekitze/status/1244549701371867136?s=20)

3. Vacation Destinations
Whether you use one of your own stellar shots or download a dream destination photo from the internet, it can be fun and even motivating to imagine being elsewhere while we’re all sitting at home.

(source: unsplash.com)

4. Listing Photos
You’re a REALTOR®, you have some great listing photos lying around that you already paid for, so why not add that perfect kitchen shot to your Zoom? Not only does it give your meeting attendee something beautiful to look at, but it also demonstrates the value of hiring you (and a professional photographer)!

(source: Anya Mashaney, PeakRES)

5. A Famous House
What’s more fun than joining a conference call from someone else’s house? There are plenty of options available on the internet but the interior e-design company, Modsy, posted some fun ones for us to use for free. The living room from Golden Girls is up there in my personal favorites but you can also choose options from Friends, Frasier, Seinfeld, and more. Use your imagination and find one of your favorite sets to “sit” in on!


6. Conference Call Bingo
Team meetings can be made a little more light-hearted but you might want to read the room, first! Canva.com, known for their free drag-and-drop social media design tool, is offering a series of Zoom backgrounds. This bingo card is fully customizable – have fun with it! Canva also has a Zoom background maker. BONUS: OAR has created a Zoom Bingo card as well – check it out here.

(source: canva.com)

7. A Simple, Motivational Quote
Who doesn’t need a little encouragement these days? If you go this route, you’ll want to be conscientious of the text placement. Canva features a template that you can easily alter with your own quote but keeping it short and simple is key. Other motivational quote images can also do the trick. Remember that your meeting attendees are there to see you and your head may obscure some of the text if you’re not careful.

(source: canva.com)

8. Rolls of Toilet Paper
I’m not sure about you but I think I missed the memo that toilet paper is the new form of currency. Show your video call attendee that you truly have “the goods.”

(source: unsplash.com)

9. A Disney/Pixar Scene
Just this week, Walt Disney Studios tweeted out a link to some Pixar locations to use as Zoom backgrounds. Let your imagination run wild and find your own, too!

(Source: https://twitter.com/DisneyStudios/status/1245031178979196930?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1245031178979196930&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Few.com%2Fmovies%2Ftv-movie-broadway-free-zoom-backgrounds%2F)

10. Anything From Netflix’s Tiger King
If you haven’t watched this train wreck of a docuseries, you’re missing out. Anything Joe Exotic is sure to put a smile on your attendee’s face and spark up a conversation.

(source: Netflix)

Zoom calls are arguably less professional or less fun than meeting in person, but they don’t have to be! The possibilities are endless and while we’re all practicing social distancing, what better time to get better acquainted to the technology we have available to us?

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