Be the First to Hear About REALTOR® Party Alerts

We know as a REALTOR®, you’re interested in protecting, defending and promoting the American Dream of homeownership. You can also be the first to hear about federal issues that need our attention.

featured-image-text-realtor-party-mobile-alertsSign up for NAR alerts by text message! NAR will send you short text messages (only 3-5 per year) when our help is needed. It’s not a Call for Action but a quick way to alert you to an impending Call for Action or to connect you with your Member of Congress for an quick message to relay vital information to him or her.

Members of Congress want to hear from experts on complex business legislation like real estate. Your participation in NAR’s Calls for Action is absolutely critical to our success and their understanding.

We have shown what a powerful force REALTORS® can be when we advocate as a unified REALTOR® Party. Just this month, the President signed into law a transportation bill that was threatened to include Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guarantee fees (g-fees). The response from REALTORS® like you around the country kept g-fees—and added mortgage costs—out of the bill.

When their constituents speak up, it is difficult for lawmakers to ignore. Text REALTORS to 30644 right now!