Agents Divulge Strange Questions From Buyers

You undoubtedly field a lot of questions from your clients. But have you ever had an especially odd one?® recently asked real estate professionals to share some of the strangest questions a client ever asked them. Here’s what some agents had to say:

“Does the car in the driveway come with the house?”

Chike Uzoka, a real estate pro with Weichert, REALTORS®, in Newark, N.J., says it’s not uncommon for a buyer to ask about the chandeliers, furnishings, or appliances coming with the house, but a random car in the driveway was a new one to him.

“Is anyone buried in the backyard?”

Larry Prigal, a real estate pro with RE/MAX in Gaithersburg, Md., says there was no indication that the house had any corpses buried in the backyard. He responded with a joke: “I’m not aware of anyone buried there, but you can dig it up after you’ve settled on the property.”

“I really like this house, but I need to pray about it. Is that OK?”

Kimberly Sands, a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage in Wilmington, N.C., said she gets this question quite a bit and always figures the buyers will then go home to pray and think about it. Instead, “all of the sudden she drops to her knees and starts flailing her arms and yelling at the top of her lungs: ‘Dear Jesus, please send me a sign, Jesus, a sign that I should buy this house!’” After about 15 minutes, her answer: No.

“Do you think the homeowner would give me the house without a down payment?”

Julie McDonough, a real estate pro with AmeriSell in Southern California, told him: “I can’t imagine they would.” The buyer explained that a seminar he attended talked about how to get the seller to deed the buyer the property without any credit or money. McDonough asked if any one had actually deeded a property to him yet. He responded: “No, but it’s a numbers game.”

“Can we close all the blinds and doors and turn off the lights? I just need to see the space at its darkest.”

The buyer was eccentric and a CEO of a big startup, the Brooklyn real estate agent, who wished not to be identified, recalls. She stood at the front door with her hand on the doorknob as the buyer attempted to see the home at its darkest. “I was pretty sure this was the end for me,” the agent recalled. Fortunately, she made it out of the home fine.


Source: “10 Strangest Questions Buyers Have Ever Asked About a House,”® (May 17, 2017)