The Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® officers ensure our statewide association remains the most complete resource for real estate professionals in Oklahoma.

Amy Bladow



The president presides at all meetings of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The president appoints all committees unless otherwise directed by the Bylaws or the Board of Directors and serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of all Association committees except the Nominating and REALTOR® of the Year Committees. The president is the primary spokesperson for the Association.
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Axay Parekh



The president-elect assists the president and assumes the duties and responsibilities of the president in the event of the president's death, resignation, absence or disability. The president-elect is also an official spokesperson for the Association.
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Julie Smith



The treasurer serves a two-year term as chairman of the Audit & Finance Committee and renders reports of the financial condition of the Association to the Board of Directors.
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Scott Foster



The secretary serves as corporate secretary of the Association and assists the treasurer. The secretary serves as one of the official spokespersons for the Association.
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Association Districts

The state is divided by the Directors into six districts with a District Vice President (DVP) elected from each area; District 6 represents all Oklahoma commercial brokers actively engaged in commercial real estate. Each DVP serves for two years as a liaison between their district members and OAR, promoting the development and progress of the member boards in their respective districts and attending and promoting attendance at OAR educational functions, meetings and conferences.

  • District 1: North Central, Northwest OK, Stillwater
  • District 2: Altus, Duncan, Lawton,
  • District 3: Ada, Shawnee, Southeastern OK, Southern OK, Texoma
  • District 4: Northeast OK, Tulsa
  • District 5: Edmond, Midwest City-Del City-Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City
  • District 6: Statewide Commercial Brokers (GTAR, OKCMAR, CCIM, SIOR, etc.)

District 1:
Jeff Shaffer, District VP
District 2:
Renee Hoover-Payton, District VP
District 3: 
Sarah Carlsson, District VP

District 4: 
Josh Woodward, District VP
District 5: 
Susanna Lorg, District VP
District 6: 
Andrea Frymire, District VP



Those interested in serving on an OAR committee should log in and fill out a nomination form. If you have questions regarding committees, please email Jessica Hickok or phone 405.848.9944.

Staff Liaison:Jessica Hickok

Conference Committee

The Association Meetings Committee plans, promotes and hosts the annual Education Conference & Trade Show and conferences for OAR members. This committee is responsible for selecting the location, speakers and menus for the state meetings. It’s a very active committee that encourages participation from each local board/association throughout the state. The committee meets several times a year. The term varies from one to two years.

Staff Liaison:Will Gattenby

Association Membership Committee

The Association Membership Committee’s “Purpose & Responsibilities” are to oversee new member materials and orientation, recruitment of affiliate members, volunteer engagement programs, and other membership functions. Specific responsibilities including working with OAR’s staff to review the new member online packet and provide suggestions for improvement in design and/or content; reviewing the current affiliate member structure and making any suggestions for additional affiliate member ‘levels’ or benefits that may accrue to affiliate members; and considering opportunities for engaging and recognizing member volunteers. They also review member volunteer activities in the community, and suggest nominees to go forward for NAR’s Good Neighbor Award.

Staff Liaison:Nabeel Jamal

Audit & Finance Committee

The Audit & Finance Committee prepares the annual budget for OAR and presents the budget to the Board of Directors for approval. The committee approves financial reports for presentation to the Board of Directors and ensures that OAR’s reserve funds are properly maintained. It’s also responsible for recommending and reviewing non-dues income programs for OAR members. It monitors the OAR office building and recommends repairs or modifications when needed. The committee meets three times a year to monitor OAR’s financial status.

Staff Liaison:Lupe Sheppard

Commercial Committee

The Commercial Committee is made up of OAR members and other practitioners who work in commercial real estate. With this goal in mind, it will be an active committee. The committee meets several times a year. The term varies from one to two years.

Staff Liaison:Josh Cockroft

Communications & Outreach Committee

The Communications & Outreach Committee shall work to promote the image of both Oklahoma REALTORS® and Oklahoma’s real estate industry and make recommendations accordingly regarding public awareness campaign(s) utilizing various forms of media.

Staff Liaison:Will Gattenby

Contract Forms Committee

The Contract Forms Committee will review all OAR-created forms available through OAR’s zipForm®6 Library to ensure the forms are usable and current with federal and state laws. The committee shall make recommendations to the OAR Board of Directors for changes to existing forms, as well as for the creation of other contract or transaction forms the committee deems necessary. This committee will likely meet several times each year. The term is for three years.

Staff Liaison:Josh Cockroft

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, District Vice Presidents, the Immediate Past President, and one Presidential Appointee, plus the Association’s Chief Executive Officer as ex-officio, non-voting, member. This Committee conducts the affairs of the Association in accordance with the Bylaws, policies, and instructions of the Board of Directors and reports on action taken between any regular meetings of the Board of Directors.

Staff Liaison:Jessica Hickok

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on positions regarding legislation. The committee reviews and provides recommendations for OAR positions on proposed OREC actions and activities. The committee members have the opportunity to lobby at the Capitol concerning important legislation affecting REALTORS®. This committee generally meets three times a year. Terms are three years.

Staff Liaison:Josh Cockroft

Life Membership Committee

The Life Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing nominations and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for OAR Life Members. The committee meets once a year in late spring or early summer. The term is two years.

Staff Liaison:Nabeel Jamal

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating qualified REALTOR® members for leadership roles of OAR. By reviewing ballots received from local boards and members, the committee selects candidates for the OAR elected officers, state directors and Region 9 Vice President. The committee also makes recommendations to the Governor for OREC commissioners each year and meets two to three times a year. The term is one year.

Staff Liaison:Jessica Hickok

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee helps plan, organize and monitor education opportunities for OAR members. The committee also plans educational opportunities for instructors, local board/associations, and works with the Association Meetings Committee to provide continuing education programs at the Education Conference & Trade Show. The committee plans, promotes and conducts the REALTOR® Institute following budget and curriculum guidelines and meets several times a year. A majority of committee members must hold a GRI, CRB, CRS or CCIM designation. The term ranges from one to three years.

Staff Liaison:Kristen Weber

Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee examines complaints referred to it and determines if the complaint has sufficient substance to warrant an ethics hearing. It determines whether issues are arbitrable, and if so, whether arbitration is mandatory or not. The committee then conducts ethics and arbitration hearings for those allegations of ethical violations that need it. The committee meets on an as-needed basis, and the term is three years.

Staff Liaison:Allison Rabon

REALTOR® of the Year Committee

The REALTOR® of the Year Committee’s purpose is to receive nominations for the annual REALTOR® of the Year award from member boards/associations and REALTOR® members, whether board/association members or members-at-large, and from the nominations received, shall choose the Oklahoma REALTOR® of the Year. The committee shall consider the nominees’ REALTOR® spirit, activity in civic affairs, activity in member board/association, activity in State Association, activity in National Association, business accomplishments and other information submitted in selecting the Association’s REALTOR® of the Year. The recipient of the award shall be recognized during the REALTOR® of the Year event.

Staff Liaison:Nabeel Jamal

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for setting goals and strategies in the OAR Strategic Plan. The committee meets once a year to review the Strategic Plan, makes plans for the future of OAR and then forwards its recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval. The term is two years.

Staff Liaison:Jessica Hickok

Young Professionals Network (YPN) Advisory Board

YPN’s purpose is to connect, engage, inspire and empower REALTORS® to be successful in real estate through education, mentorship, business development and networking. We are a group of members who are young at heart or young in the business committed to bringing energy and passion to the real estate community.

Staff Liaison:Kristin Matuszewski

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