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General Info

  • The Oklahoma Legislature passed a bill on Thursday (March 29th) that does give a teacher pay raise. Unfortunately, it did not fully meet the teacher’s demands and it is missing a big piece that is hung up on a possible amendment. Therefore, the walkout is happening starting on Monday (April 2nd) until more details are finalized.
  • Oklahoma teachers are walking out during a time period of when state testing needs to be done. The state testing window (during the week of the scheduled walkout) requires that the testing be completed in order to be eligible for federal funding. That funding is most definitely needed, so the schools are seeking volunteers to help monitor the testing so that it can still occur if teachers continue to walkout.
  • Schools are seeking volunteers to help monitor/proctor testing, hand out meals, and coordinate other logistics needed to keep things moving while our teachers make a point down at our Capitol Building.
  • We are not actually coordinating the signups, registrations, or volunteer roles, this will be handled by the administrators of the schools, which is on the master contact list. It will be the responsibility of the REALTOR® member to coordinate with the school the time they wish to volunteer and how much time they can offer.
  • OAR is contacting school districts to let them know that the REALTORS® care and that we are making a concerted effort to send volunteers their way.
  • OAR is also reaching out to other various organizations that are doing the same type of thing to let them know that we also have volunteers. Strength in numbers, right?
  • The walkout may, or may not, last a long time. We are at the mercy of the legislature decisions, the decisions of the Oklahoma Educators Association, and many other factors. The walkout may be one day only (April 2nd), or it could last several weeks depending on the outcomes of the negotiations.
  • We will be pushing out media press releases on the importance of education in our state and how it affects real estate, which is why we are setting aside time to volunteer to help where needed.
  • Have questions or need further info? Send an email to or call (405) 848-9944
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