OAR Health Insurance Open Enrollment is Going on NOW!

You may have received an email recently from OAR’s Insurance Success Partner Beale Professional Services.


oar-insurance-open-enrollment-beale-post-it-noteSince the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed in 2010, health insurance choices have changed dramatically. In light of the new Individual Mandate requiring health insurance coverage, and in order to make choices easier for the OAR membership, we are introducing the OAR Insurance Exchange. This is open to ALL members, not just broker/owners! Our private exchange is a website allowing OAR members (as well as your family members and employees) to quote, compare and apply for individual health insurance.

Beale is also your source for group medical plans. For group quotes, please complete the census found here and email to lindsey@3000ig.com.

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Why the OAR Insurance Exchange?

oar-insurance-exchange-beale-professional-services-laptopPolicies offered through the OAR Insurance Exchange are the same policies offered by all the major insurance carriers, and the premiums are exactly the same. However, purchasing insurance through the OAR Exchange offers:

  • The ability to shop and compare multiple quotes from multiple carriers in one place.
  • Access to our local, licensed insurance professionals.
  • A trusted exchange which benefits your association.
  • Access to individual health benefits for family members and your employees (full and part-time) who are not insured under a group policy.

Best of Both Worlds

Sign Directions Support Help Tips Advice Guidance AssistanceWhile we fully support the movement toward shopping for and purchasing coverage online via the OAR Private Exchange for those who are comfortable doing so, we recommend contacting Beale directly for any professional guidance you might need. They have many licensed insurance professionals in their office who have been thoroughly trained on the ACA and certified on the Federal “public” exchange, are knowledgeable about the different plan options, can help you select a plan that best fits your needs and guide you through the application process.  We encourage OAR members to use the exchange as much as possible as a starting point, and to contact the Beale office at any time for assistance.

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Not Just for Individuals

For businesses offering Group Health Insurance, the OAR Insurance Exchange is still an excellent resource for you:

  • Dependent Coverage – Members are encouraged to recommend the OAR Insurance Exchange to their staff to obtain quotes for their dependents if they don’t cover them on the Group Health Plan.
  • Part-time Staff – Members are encouraged to recommend the OAR Insurance Exchange to part-time staff if they are not eligible to participate in the Group Health Insurance.
  • Group or No Group – The OAR Insurance Exchange can help employers determine if offering Group Health Insurance is beneficial. Please contact our office to discuss the pros and cons of providing Group Health Insurance.

If you have any questions about these or any other insurance products, please contact our friends at Beale Professional Services to help navigate through all your insurance options.

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Holiday Hours for Online CE Support Announced


gri2As the holiday season is upon us, OAR reminds those “wrapping up” their continuing education classes to be mindful of support hours for our online course provider.

  • Christmas Day 7:00-11:00a
  • New Year’s Day 7:00-11:00a
  • Other days are normal 7:00a-5:00p

Save yourself the added stress and do not wait until the last minute to take your CE courses!

Scroll through the Online Course Library to see what courses you’d like to experience.

You may qualify to receive 50% off your first course!

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BONUS: 3 tips for taking online CE

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable spot that’s free from interruptions. Use headphones if necessary.
    • Close IM, Facebook, email notifications
    • If you’re at your company office, post a sign saying what you’re doing and when you’ll be available.
    • Remember you can pause and return to the video class if you need to step away or start fresh the next morning!
  2. Keep another window open—or an app like Evernote—in the background for taking notes.
  3. Share your questions or experiences on Facebook. Social discussions will give you and your colleagues broader knowledge of the topic.

Thanksgiving Turkey Is Not The Only Early Bird!

GRI 302 early bird deadline is on Wednesday, Nov. 26—and we’re not talking about the turkey!

Got your business plan nailed down for 2015? Even if you think you already have one, now’s the time to make sure you’re on the right track.

Pat Strong, always a student favorite, will guide you through the process to get your business started right for the new year. Also on sessions on generational and diversity differences and new construction!pat-strong-gri-302


GRI 302
December 3-4
$215 thru Nov. 26 | $238 after Nov. 26


OKCMAR Hosting CRB Course January 21-22

The Oklahoma City Metro Association of REALTORS® is offering the Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB) designation course titled Business Planning for Maximum Results January 21-22. It is taught by Pat Strong.

CRB Details

  • One of the oldest and most respected designations in the industry.
  • Elite group of individuals — only 3% of all REALTORS® have met the requirements.
  • CRB Designees are proven leaders and are among the most effective, efficient and profitable in the industry.
  • Exemplifies the highest level of professional achievement in real estate brokerage management.
  • Since 1968, the Council has awarded this prestigious designation only to REALTORS® who have met specific requirements and completed advanced professional training.
  • For more information on the CRB Designation, please CLICK HERE.
Course Details

REALTOR® Party Sees Success in Oklahoma

During the 2014 Election cycle, OKRPAC participated in 62 elections and had a 92% success rate!

Contributions were provided to REALTOR®-friendly state legislative and statewide office candidates during the primary, run-off and general elections. THANK YOU to the members and family of the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® who invest in the REALTOR® Party!

Help Extend the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Tax Relief

We need your help Urging Congress to Extend the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Tax Relief.
The income tax exemption on mortgage debt forgiven in a short sale or a workout for principal residences expired at the end of 2013. Without immediate action by Congress, distressed homeowners will have to pay tax on “phantom income” from forgiven debt. Many families have decided not to go through with short sales or seek workouts because of the uncertainty over the status of the waiver. This is not only unfair but harms families, neighborhoods and communities. Please urge your representative and senators in Congress to extend this tax relief now.

Despite significant market recovery, more than 5 million are still “under water.”
Nearly 1 million households are seriously delinquent on their mortgages or in foreclosure.
Mortgage debt forgiveness tax relief is vital for these families.

​Respond to the CFA TODAY. We are 1 million strong if we make our voices heard!

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